Love to Fred P. and Family

On behalf of the Oakland City Council and Mayor, I want to warmly acknowledge the tremendous contributions that the indefatigable Fred Pecker made over the years and decades in Oakland and throughout the East Bay.

His determination, hard work and sense of humor are all part of his legacy.

On Jan. 7th, our City Council adjourned in memory and honor of Fred. May his memory be a blessing.

Love to his family and comrades,

-Dan Kalb
Oakland City Councilmember

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  1. Dear Susan and Family & Friends of Fred:
    I so wanted to be with everyone celebrating the wonderful life of Fred, but alas I’m thousands of miles distant. It seems only right that we should offer our enduring greetings, remembrances, appreciation and farewells to Fred in his union hall with his family, friends, comrades and colleagues. I think we should have a Fred Pecker solidarity gathering at the Oakland USD Administrative HQ and get arrested in his honor!
    With a Unity Hug,
    Allan Brill

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