Knowing Fred was an Honor

The first time I met Fred was on my very first day in the Bay Area. I came up here for school, and on the drive up the 5 from LA, my mom says "Oh we can visit your cousin Fred." I had NO IDEA that I had any cousins, at all. So we made it to the Bay, and I was your typical, awkward, shy, very dorky 18 year old. And that’s when I met Fred. He took my mom and I on a tour of the Berkeley Marina, and I was so overwhelmed by everything that I barely talked at all.

But Fred kept up the lines of communication, because somehow he was able to see through the timid, awkward shell and see the actual me. That’s the kind of person Fred was. He loved people, through his work, his social life, his family. He was one of the very few people in the world that could be described as jovial. There was always a good time to be had with Fred, whether on the picket lines, or getting Ethiopian food (which he introduced me to!).

He will be deeply missed, but we’ll keep up the good fight.

Rest in Power, Cousin.

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Molly, Zach, & Family

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